Once more, Kleinhouse is proud to announce their 3rd Open Air event bringing you the best electronic music, visual arts and culinary delights! Combining the best of all these worlds, we introduce some of the best international and local electronic music talent out there and present you with a whole new and curious world of things you’ve never heard, seen, tasted, felt or even smelled before.

Our festival is hand-made by a growing group of friends. The entire site is transformed into a playground for the curious minds. Discovering something new is central to the experience. Hand crafted decorations, vintage furniture and cozy chillout areas in a green location far away from the city’s white noise… We love to breathe some fresh air while we enjoy our dose of electronic music!

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One of Kleinhouse’s raison d’être is to lead by example in how people can consciously enjoy nature while respecting it to the fullest. Professional expertise guides us in being as green as possible. The future is green! Here’s how we put theory into practice:


We are proud to be a ‘do it yourself’ festival. We use mainly natural material (wood) and/or material we can recycle. After the event, we lend out our material to other evens. We create stands/modules which we can reuse afterwards. We use an absolute minimum of printed matter. We invest in biodegradable tokens and reusable cups.


We promote the use of public transport or bikes by developing a mobility plan and communicating this online. We have a big chalkboard on site to promote carpooling. People can indicate if they offer a ride and whereto, or want a ride.


We ask our partners to be conscious about their waste management and to use bio friendly plates, utensils and napkins. We provide vegetarian meals as well.


We appoint an environment coordinator responsible for the sustainability policy. We consult OVAM and other government platforms to reach our goals. We volunteer regularly for Natuurpunt for several actions.


We appoint a waste responsible that implements our waste management plan and an eco-team which empties the waste bins and cleans up litter on site.

We communicate towards our visitors and internal partners our waste policy and sensitize to be conscious about it.

We are involved in cleaning actions with Natuurpunt before and after the event.


We ensure that energy and water are put to efficient use, minimizing waste.