The Art Garden


by St-Lucas Hogeschool architecture students lead by Michiel Helbig

This year we’re putting a strong focus on visual art and architecture. Supervised by Michiel Helbig, several architecture students at Sint Lukas Ghent have designed 5 on-site installations, called ‘INTERSPACES’. They range from functional to conceptual or strictly visual, but are all integrated in the specific environment of our festival grounds. Spread out over the terrain these projects will spark your curiosity.

‘INTERSPACES’ will only be visible during KleinHouse Open Air 2017, so get your tickets while you still can!



by TAAI (Thomas Nam Hao Thai)

This curious installation by Thomas Nam Hao Thai, known from Antwerp art collective Nacht Collectief, plays with the simplicity of recognizable materials and shapes. In his work he strives towards synergy of structure, texture and light. He captures the familiar in a constant exploration of new techniques that drive the imagination. This way the space within which he works is redefined. Mirror/Glitch is a simple lightplay where one’s personal movemement creates a visual glitch in the image you see.


Photography Exhibition

By Denis Decaluwe

Our photographers tend to have their own way of showing the world through their eyes and we’ve decided to give them a platform to exhibit some of their finest, weirdest and most impressive pictures on our festival site. Somewhere around the chillzone next to the waterfront you’ll find this exhibition focused of different artists in the Belgian photography scene.




19th May 2015