The Wardrobe

Like every year we give fashion and arts & crafts a place in our cozy home made market. There you will find not only beautiful handmade jewelry but also funky sunglasses, branded sweaters and other merchandising. Welcome to the Wardrobe:



HOOK is handmade jewelry. Uncomplicated. Unique. Charlotte Van Innis is the woman behind HOOK : handmade and affordable jewelry. She’s been the beating hart for this project since 2014 when she found herself lost trying to find her own taste amids the big jewelry chains to no end. Time to take matters in her own hands! Now she’s able to choose the materials herself and experiments with necklaces, earrings and bracelets with some incredible results.



This year we’re upping the quality of our Kleinhouse apparel. The design also got a decent revamp after doing a little online contest to see which sweater design was most liked. It doesn’t stop there though – we’ve got sunglasses, bags, stickers, … You name it!


19th May 2015